Turning a blind eye to Chest pain.. What if ??

Heart Diseases are something which gained my least attention as I practice a routine workout and a healthy diet but in march 2012, when i was 40 years old, a heart disease found me. It started with the classic chest pain while I was working my evening shift. For the general protocol, I overlooked it as a symptom of indigestion. Who knew I was experiencing a heart attack; lucky enough to survive with the intake of an aspirin.

The other day, on the same routine I suffered the same pain. Something was not right in the place. But for a busy schedule, I again went for the aspirin intake and it worked fine for another time. Had I got myself assessed with a clear picture of what happened on my inside, I would not have suffered the heart attack in the following week, turning it to a different story altogether.

Most of us, overlook chest pain for indigestion and other insignificant diseases which in turn proves to be a case of developing heart attacks and other crucial heart diseases. If assessed in the starting stage, one can hold back himself from being hit with the deadly heart attack. This happens to a great extent with elderly people, people who are out of reach of a hospital within the initials moments of the pain.

This accounts for a need of a device that would bring out the clear picture of the heart during the course of pain and other problems that vanish from sight, making it difficult to connect the parts to the disease. With Sanket, the world’s smallest ECG monitor, one can monitor himself in simple steps to attain ECG within seconds. At the time when one experiences symptoms, the person can capture his ECG with the help of the device and share it with the doctor to have a proper diagnosis of the actual disease.

The device has been built keeping in mind with the people especially elders, who cannot visit a doctor for a routine watch of their health. The interface and operating methodology is as effortless as using any electrical appliance at a home. Within 15 seconds, all you get is pain-free and hassle-free response of your heart’s electrical and muscular functions. From capturing the ECG, to measuring stress levels, the use of device is a child’s play.

Why Sanket when you have hospitals?

  • The complete 12 Lead ECG in 3 minutes.
  • Abandons the use of gels and wires.
  • Efficient for timely monitoring.
  • Throws over the need to visit doctor’s clinic for trivial complaints.

Why fall behind the quantum leap when you can be a part of it? Here’s how can you make your way.

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