Silent Heart Attack : Take care of mother’s heart; it only spreads Love.

Avinash recently returned home from his deployment. His mother was so happy to see him as she always misses him and keeps worried about his health. On returning, Avinash noticed of sudden dizziness and fatigue in his mother. His mother told that she is experiencing this frequently. They drove to their doctor’s clinic and the doctor took her ECG. The test showed that his mother had suffered a so-called silent heart attack.

A heart attack might also happen with symptoms that are easy to miss. Just as the name suggests, a silent attack is a heart attack that has either no or minimal or unrecognized symptoms. But, it is like any other Heart attack where blood flow to a certain section of heart is temporarily blocked and can cause scarring and damage to heart. With subtle symptoms, it is difficult to tell if a person is experiencing a heart attack.

Women are more prone to silent heart-attacks. Usually, they ignore the symptoms for minor problems and break free of the check-ups. But, a Silent attack is as dangerous as a more obvious counterpart.

Symptoms of a silent heart attack

  • The person feels extremely tired
  • Nausea and vomiting attack at once
  • It feels like a heartburn
  • The person gets dizzy

With such symptoms, your mother needs a check on her heart’s health. She might need to run to the hospital everytime she experiences such symptoms. The foremost medical attention is an ECG. After an ECG is done, it might come out that the person has suffered an attack weeks or even months ago causing severe damage to heart.

Weeks and months, it continues to grow and you only notice minor complaints. What if; you already knew that the symptoms your mother is suffering are just general fatigue and not anything severe? Wouldn’t it help you from worrying about her health sitting far away from her?

With Sanket, the world’s smallest ECG monitor, there is no need of paying needless visits. ECG can be checked regularly, especially during those uncomfortable general symptoms to make sure it is nothing serious. The report can be shared to you and a doctor for quick advise and action. No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter-mile away or halfway around the world, you will always keep an eye on your mother’s heart health.

This Mother’s Day, why not care for the heart that cares the most for you? Gift your mother a good heart health and stress free life, for she is only made to spread love. To know more checkout:

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