If you are facing these 10 symptoms, you might be stressed!

You’re stressed. Everyone’s stressed. No big deal, right? Because it’s so common, you might think that if you’re not lying on the floor from exhaustion, you’re probably fine. But stress has an insidious way of creeping up on you, and it’s not just a mental or emotional issue—stress symptoms can impact the body in some very visible (and bizarre) ways. Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, mental health problems and in extreme cases, stress can be a killer.
Recent studies show that Consistent Stress can take up to 10 years off your life, and cause life-damaging effects.
Top Signs that show you are way too “STRESSED”
  1. You have a constant headache that just won’t go away Be it early morning or late night, your head constantly feel some heaviness. You crave for a peaceful and relaxed mind but fail to achieve it. This in turns makes your mood more irritable and frustrated. Stress Makes you feel constantly tired and worn out.
  2. You have trouble sleeping wellIt changes your sleep habits. Either you sleep too much or do not sleep enough.
  3. Your hair is starting to fall out Roughly three to six months after a majorly stressful event, like getting axed from a job or ending a big relationship, you might notice more hair on your brush or in the drain than usual (shedding around 100 strands a day is normal).
  4. You’re perpetually sick and just can’t seem to get over it The brain’s nervous system is linked to the guts, so mental stress can wreak havoc on your stomach too. When you’re stressed, your brain becomes more alert to sensations in your stomach. Your stomach can react with “butterflies” or even nausea or pain. You may vomit if the stress is severe enough. And, if the stress becomes chronic, you may develop ulcers or severe stomach pain even without ulcers. Causing you to catch colds or the flu more often and causing other illnesses such as asthma, headaches, stomach problems, skin problems, and other aches and pains are all because of stress.
  5. Upset over trivial things Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, confused, and/or unable to make decisions are caused due to stress. You get panic-attacks over simplest problems.
  6. Breathing difficulty Stress can make you breathe harder. That’s not a problem for most people, but for those with asthma or a lung disease such as emphysema, getting the oxygen you need to breathe easier can be difficult.
  7. Shakiness in handsYour hands and feet get cold and start shaking when you get upset and nervous.
  8. Irritable nature Experiencing mood changes such as depression, frustration, anger, helplessness, irritability, defensiveness, irrationality, overreaction, or impatience and restlessness
  9. Sense of fear everyday Developing irrational fears of things such as physical illnesses, natural disasters like thunderstorms and earthquakes, and even being terrified of ordinary situations like heights or small spaces
  10. Out of nowhere acne Just like your hair, your skin is sensitive to those higher-than-normal androgen, which can bring on breakouts.
It’s hard to think of any disease in which stress cannot play an aggravating role or any part of the body that is not affected. Can you avoid stress? Not always. But through a healthy lifestyle, good wholesome nutrition and stress reduction. You can sometimes control the long-term damage. Research says people with high levels of stress and depression are 48 percent more likely to die of heart attack. Thus, stress and depression can take a dangerous toll on the health of people with heart problems.

Constant measurement and management of stress is very important to prevent the monster stress to  sip on your health. Free your mind from stress and you will feel the joy of life.



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