5 Ways to Love your Heart before giving it to Someone Else :-)

Ahh! The day of Love is soon to be here. Are you excited? From chocolates to teddy, perfumes to jewellery, everything to fire that feeling and fill your and that special one’s heart with so much love and happiness!! Aren’t you  waiting for the cupid arrow to hit your heart? Yes you are!! But before you give your heart to someone else, love and take care of your heart.

Start today!!

Eat right Does the food you eat make you Happy or Healthy? or Both? It should actually be both, if you make the right food choices. People with sunny outlook, are more likely to choose healthier food and in turn remain in good mood and health. They are less likely to fall sick and if sick, they recover faster and tend to live longer. So if you are in a bad mood, don’t let your mood decide your food and make it vice versa and make yourself healthier and happier and lovelier choosing the right food. Don’t forget to maintain a food log and get expert tell when needed.

Exercise right – Did that jog I took, helped me lose some pounds or I stressed my heart? Exercise is never a one-regime-fits-for all solution. Each person has different effects of same exercise on their body based on their own metabolism and heart rate variability. Marathon runners, Athletes and Sport persons have more heart rate variability hence, more strenuous exercise their heart can take, while it can put loads of stress on others heart, blood pressure and maximal oxygen uptake. Exercise right to be healthy and not skinny. And yes it will also make your skin glow 🙂

Love yourself- As they say, if you love yourself, everything else falls in line. To make that someone special love you, you first need to start loving yourself. Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, make a Wishlist, plan an adventurous trip, forget the day’s troubles and Thank God for day’s blessings . Your food choices, Your fitness, your body, your mind, your routine everything, remember, everything is changeable to help you be yourself!!! So be your quirky self, put your thoughts forward, live for yourself before you make some else your life. Don’t forget to measure and manage your stress levels and be happy forever 🙂 It’s easy with Sanket!

Change your Lifestyle- Be brighter, put down the lighter!! Smoking is not cool, Trust me!!  Smoking definitely attacks your lungs and increases your chances of cardiac disease by 30%. Drinking alcohol isn’t cool either. Regular consumption of alcohol results in liver damage and higher risk of cancers.  Lack of sleep reduces your performance and lowers your overall mood. Say bye to these bad habits and say Hi to breakfast. Statistics suggest skipping the first meal of the day is bad for your energy levels and it affects your Blood Glucose levels. Don’t be on the couch for too much time watching TV rather spend that time with someone special taking a walk. You may raise a toast with someone with red wine though 🙂

 Track your Health- Being Healthy and not fit is the need of today. Track your health by self monitoring your Blood pressure, Heart rate, Blood sugar, Cholesterol etc and track the progress you make by following above 4 rules. Engage in competition with your friends and colleagues and be an inspiration for them to be healthy too. Remember being Healthy does not only mean preventing and pushing the deadly diseases like cardiac disease to late or never, it also helps you in living your life with that special one longer and happier.

Download Sanket app now and leave your Health Tracking to it while you enjoy that special dinner!!

A Healthy Heart is always a Happy Heart. Make your Heart Healthier and make it love unlimited.  

                             Love your Heart today and it will Thank you later

                                                    Happy Valentine’s day 🙂

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