Do Not Just Love, Celebrate The Women in your Life!

This Women’s Day appreciate, encourage, support, and celebrate the great Women in your life!

Say “Thank You!

Women have loads of responsibilities on their shoulders. Nielsen study reveals that Indian women are the most stressed in the world. An overwhelming 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time. A simple solution lies in the palm of your hand. Track the stress levels on your phone using Sanket and never let stress go out of control. Appreciation and gratitude have positive effect on every relationship. Thank your mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend and teacher – all the women who have had a hand in your life.

Support and Encourage

It is important to acknowledge and cheer her and offer your support of her goals and dreams.. Ease her tension by telling her that you will be there, encouraging and cheering her on as she goes for that managerial position, or decides to be a homemaker, or possibly is planning to beat some crazy World Record. Make sure she knows that you’re along for the ride, this will help her manage stress better.

Pamper Her

We’re not limiting the discussion to a soothing massage or a relaxing pedicure. Give the women in your life a day of pure fun.  Nothing can bring a smile on her face as quickly as a compliment can. Celebrate her beauty and remind her time and again that you’re proud of her. Make her feel special by walking an extra mile for her or by cooking her favorite dish or organizing a surprise party. An actual celebration is always welcomed. Instead of waiting until Mother’s Day or her birthday, go ahead and throw that party – she’ll be glad!

Respect Her Privacy

Life is already stressful, don’t let her feel the burden in life. Giving the women in your life a few days of personal rest and solitude can do wonders. A celebration is about enjoyment and some “me” time is reason enough to be merry. Pray to God to bless them, protect them, and surround them with grace and love.

Her Well-Being

Make sure she is comfortable, healthy and happy. A woman ignores her own health as she is busy taking care of the family. Visit a clinic with her for regular check ups. If there ever is an ailment (God forbid!), at least it would get discovered in time and appropriate measures can be taken to bring her health back on track. Your phone can help you track vitals like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level, Heart Rate and even Stress! Android | iOS

Don’t Take Her For Granted

The symptoms of abnormal heart are very subtle in women which generally goes unnoticed, as a result women are more prone to cardiac diseases. Unhealthy eating habits and poor exercise regimen are reasons behind heart diseases in most people. Regular heart monitoring is vital to prevent any abnormal cardiac functioning. In this era when technology is at our disposal, we are better equipped to detect and diagnose illness. Sanket helps you in keeping track of normal functioning of your heart using the phone you already own.

Show Love

Love is the ultimate celebration. From a child to his mother, from a husband to his wife, love is a beautiful feeling to witness, experience, and rejoice. Respect and honor her by showering the love and affection everyday. Be proud of her.


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