Health is a universally voiced language and Sanket, the world’s smallest ECG monitor is the elixir to a wholesome life. Be it assessing a clear picture of heart rhythm or keeping a track on stress levels, usage of the device is a cakewalk. From the best of cutting-edge developments in the field of electronics/sensors, mobile technologies and lot, Sanket brings in ordinary cardiac care at the run of the mill affordability.

Cardiac problems trek maturity into one’s health over a period of time. Symptoms such as heartburn, palpitations, and shortness of breath are most overlooked and overrated symptoms of potential cardiac problems. Complications like these are often confused with trivial problems such as tiredness/exhaustion. With acidity in the back of the mind, no one makes his way to an ECG diagnosis and end up gobbling an antacid or pay a call or visit to their physician perhaps. At present, even physicians lack proficient, reliable and quick route to steer the situation on to sound prognosis.

With Sanket, an ECG can be captured amidst the synonyms. The boon companion mobile application, records and examines the ECG as per the AAMI EC13 standards.

Sanket, the doctor in your pocket.

Certain instances such as Ischemia and Arrhythmia can turn transient. Such transient conditions can cease to exist and make a way out from being captured in the ECG frame. The top of the line way to seize such conditions is to take a grip of the event while it presents itself. At all time and space pursuits, Sanket ECG monitor can take a hold of such transient conditions. It serves a far better, easier and economical approach to capture ECG than upscale and bulky Holter devices and loop recorders.

  • Primary Care

Cardiac care at your desk

One of its kind, Sanket runs a couple of errands. From pre-screening patients against CVD related complaints to delivering reports on the subject of premature ventricular and supraventricular contractions along with ST-level deviations, the device runs seamlessly. Instead of palpitations, the device brings forth a clear picture of the heart rhythm in 30 seconds.

Outpatient visit

The ultra-portability of device adds numerous perks, one being Outpatient visits. The directed reports comes to the aid of evaluating ECG before actual print and download.

Home care Facility

Individuals that lay ill at ease without obvious risk factors can snap up the device for a timely check on their health so as to be sure of any relation of their complaints to a cardiac condition.  The device helps to diagnose the need of secondary care.

  • Secondary Care

Post-Examination Self Monitoring-

Aftermath the 12-Lead ECG diagnose and Holter/event exercise, the complaints cannot be elucidated due to their transient character, the Sanket ECG monitor serves to be worth of the king’s ransom. On the contrary, the device can be lent to the sick to have an eye on the results when symptoms prevail. Keeping a check at regular intervals will also help assess circadian influences.

Leadless and Hassle free

Under circumstances where patient are not able to comfort event recorders, the device helps add grips to their health. Worth a hundred times of its size, the device can be put to use with subsequent run of event recorders.

Post Medication monitoring

In the pursuit of diagnosis, a patient on medicinal prescription can go for the timely run of the Sanket ECG monitor to keep a check on medication tolerance, efficacy and compliance. When the medication is properly dosed and the patient is complying with the medication regiment the use of the device can be stopped.