Make this Diwali, Full of Cheers & less of fears !

Hello Lovely people,
Ready for the Diwali Bash? Can’t wait to get truck loaded with gifts from your parents? From pricey phones to latest gadgets, they do anything for your happiness. If you are searching for a best gift for them, what other than a great health can be J Reaching the age of 45 makes them vulnerable towards many heart diseases. They live in the fear to fulfill all your wishes before they breathe their last. Next to God, they always plan the best gifts according to our current needs. So, why not gift your parents a piece of good health this Diwali. This can be of lifetime value for all your family.
India alone accounts for more than 200 Million Heart patients and the number is drastically increasing every year. In most cases, a person gets a heart attack and is rushed to the nearest hospital and that is about it. Family and friends come to know about the blockage and diseases, only when it is too late. Many breathe their last even before able to receive any sort of treatment. If a heart patient is diagnosed and treated on time, his valuable lives can be easily saved.
We understand in today’s busy schedule one avoids regular hospital check-ups. We know it is beneficial and should be done but still prefer to be ignorant about it. Keeping in mind, the importance of blessing hands that everyone needs, we came up with a solution-Sanket. A made in India innovation, measures your ECG and connects you with your doctor instantly. The test is done in 15 Seconds and the report is sent for review immediately. Sanket, thus, diffuses any confusion of a normal pain from a heart attack.
Often, children who are blessed with parent’s love don’t understand their importance. For a moment close your eyes and imagine the world without them. Bet, you will open your eyes soon. A large chunk of Indians suffers from this irreparable loss and the main reason is cardiac related diseases.
Your mother will definitely treat you with juicy gulab jamuns, dry fruits and many other sweets. You can too cheer up your parents with a gift of health. Invest wisely. May Goddess Lakshmi give your family Health, Wealth and Happiness this Diwali!!

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